When crops need watering, there's usually plenty of sunshine about, so it makes sense to use this renewable resource for irrigation. The Sunflower offers an alternative to back-breaking manual methods of pumping water, and a cheaper form of irrigation than petrol or diesel pumps. The Sunflower is the result of over twenty years R&D to develop an affordable way of doing this.

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Solar powered

A solar collector generates steam to drive a simple engine pump. It can lift 12,000 litres/day from a 7.5m well (more at shallower depths) which can irrigate around 1/2 acre.

Cost effective

There are no fuel costs, the initial investment of around $400 can be recouped in 1-2 years compared to the ongoing running costs of diesel or petrol engines.


Designed with durability and maintenance in mind, it has no electronics, and is about as complex as a bicycle. Supplied as a kit, it is easily serviced with spare parts always available at low cost.

Become a distributor

We're on the lookout for distribution partners and dealers in East Africa, especially Kenya and Ethiopia. We can offer attractive trade prices to the right partners, so drop us a line!

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